Antioxidants- too much of a good thing?

This is a topic about which I’ve been wanting to write for a long time!  I had always heard that in certain circumstances, beneficial antioxidants can become prooxidant; causing damage and disease.  I hadn’t written about it until now because I couldn’t find a clear explanation of how that actually happened… until I came across this brilliant new research article!

Dr. James D. Watson (winner of the 1962 Nobel prize for discovering the structure of DNA) recently announced through a press release that he has stumbled  upon what he considers to be “among my most important work since the double helix“.

In the January edition of Open Biology, Dr. Watson theorizes that antioxidants, either in supplement or food form, work against conventional anti-cancer treatments by halting their direct and indirect ability to form reactive oxygen species (ROS); the mechanism by which cancer treatments induce cell death.   As ROS is generated, the mutated cells transform into a more advanced, free-floating type of cancer cell which is far likelier to metastasize than it was originally.  Unfortunately, cancer cells containing high amounts of antioxidants, become unresponsive to anti-cancer therapies.

After Steve Jobs’ death, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Dean Ornish and many others in the alternative health community proposed that his advanced stage pancreatic cancer, and his inability to recover from it, may very well have been caused by his longtime fruitarian diet.   According to Dr. Watson’s theory, this would make good sense.  Additionally, the high amounts of fructose (the sweetest of natural sugars) he would have consumed over a period of several years were likely to have overtaxed his pancreas; making it work overtime to metabolize the excess sugars.


If Dr. Watson’s theory is correct, exactly what does it mean for you?

For the average healthy person, continuing to eat small portions of all foods in moderation ensures that you will get plenty of variety in your diet; consuming a broad range of nutrients, without going overboard on any single nutrient.

For the cancer patient, however, this is HUGE news.  For anyone undergoing conventional cancer therapies, I recommend the following protocol:

Low/ no antioxidant supplements and foods

Meditation/ positive visualization

No sugar of any kind (even in whole food form)

Coriolus PSP by Mushroom Science (3-6g per day) *



Healthy fats (coconut, chia seed, fish oil)

Egg yolks (cooked-grass fed)


* If you have to choose only one supplement, the mushrooms are the most important! 

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