Did you know…

  • That fructose is the sweetest of all sugars, which means it also has the greatest potential to damage your health.  Fructose intake should be limited to no more than 5 teaspoons (25g) per day (including fructose from fruit- reference this handy guide from Mercola.com at http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/05/02/is-sugar-toxic.aspx ).


  • Drinking just two sugared sodas per week nearly doubles a person’s chances of developing pancreatic cancer.


…  Now you know!!!


For the detail-oriented:

I advise against adding processed sugars to your foods and beverages at all, but if you must do so, dextrose (glucose) is your best bet provided you are not diabetic or insulin resistant.  Honey, agave and molasses have all been portrayed as “wholesome” sugars when, in fact, they are very high in fructose and travel straight to your liver for processing (not a good thing).  Dextrose is about half as sweet as fructose, it’s super cheap, and all of your body’s cells are able to quickly use up most/ all of it.  On the other hand, fructose hangs around much longer, and what isn’t used up by the body is spun off into toxic by-products or stored as fat.  For every 120 calories of dextrose consumed, less than 1 calorie is stored as fat, whereas 120 calories of fructose consumed translates to 40 calories of stored fat!



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