Vitamin D and Women’s Health

New research has uncovered even more reasons why adequate levels of Vitamin D are so important. Whether you’re a woman of child-bearing age or approaching menopause, this information applies to you.

CMAJ Open journal recently reported that in a study involving 173 women receiving IVF treatment, the women with sufficient levels of Vitamin D had “both significantly higher rates of clinical pregnancy and also higher implantation rates”.

In another study of 30,000 menopausal women, slated for the February 2014 issue of Menopause, The Journal of The North American Menopause Society, revealed that a combination of Vitamin D and hormone replacement therapy worked synergistically to reduce the occurrence of hip fractures.  Hormones alone were helpful, but women taking a combination of both experienced 61% less fractures!


  • Vitamin D should be taken with food for optimal absorption
  • Daily Requirement (per NIH; progressive-minded health authorities recommend MUCH higher doses- check with your doctor) :
Life Stage Recommended Amount
Birth to 12 months

400 IU

Children 1–13 years

600 IU

Teens 14–18 years

600 IU

Adults 19–70 years

600 IU

Adults 71 years and older

800 IU

Pregnant and breastfeeding women

600 IU

  • Vegetarians and vegans: look for UV-exposed shiitake and button mushrooms (a good source of Vitamin D) at your grocery store
  • Mackerel (Atlantic/ chub), wild caught sockeye salmon, herring, sardines, and pasture raised eggs are excellent sources.  All listed fish are also very low in mercury.  Fish with skin and bones intact are preferable.  I love for their BPA free cans, high quality products, and sustainable fishing practices.
  • Sunshine 10-15 minutes per day, with legs and arms exposed


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