Magic Chocolate Shell Ice Cream Topping

This very simple recipe was a happy accident when I blended some cocoa and melted coconut oil into chilled almond milk as part of my breakfast one morning.  Since coconut oil hardens at colder temperatures, it seized up and turned into something that transported me back in time to my childhood… a chocolate syrup you could pour onto your ice cream that would quickly form into a solid shell; making it even more fun to enjoy this favorite frozen dessert by giving it that creme brulee effect.  What I love about this simple recipe is that you can adjust the sweetness and the sweetener to your liking, though I have not tested how different sugars may alter the effects of freezing (I personally used no sugar).  I would love to hear about your results with a variety of sugars!  I would love it even more if you enjoyed it without added sugar, though I realize that bitter is not an agreeable flavor profile for some.  Feel free to play around with the recipe, adding spices like cinnamon and nutmeg to give it a Mexican twist!



1 Tbsp coconut oil melted to liquid form

1 tsp unsweetened cacao/ cocoa (interchangeable terms)

your sweetener of choice to taste (optional)

Blend cocoa and sugar into melted oil, pour over ice cream…

Enjoy moderately!

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