A must-read for fish eaters

Fish from sparkling, pristine waters?  Not likely, no matter where you buy your fish today.  Yes, even tiny, bottom-of-the-food-chain sardines pose a health risk [1].   

So, what’s a health conscious, environmentally conscious person to do?

1- Avoid seafood, if possible.

2- Choose from sustainable options.  Consult Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch to learn about sustainable options [2].  Give ‘trash fish’ a try [7].

3- Limit your fish consumption (this amount varies for pregnant women and children, and on an individual basis).  See this USDA tip-sheet [3] for some basic guidelines, then modify to a slightly more conservative amount.

4- While this won’t solve contamination problems entirely, I recommend consuming fish with chelating foods and/or beverages like green tea.  These foods encourage the body’s detoxification of heavy metals by binding them, thereby making them easier to excrete. For a list of more chelating foods, click here [4].   Overdoing chelating foods comes with its own set of problems (like nutrient deficiencies) — remember that moderation is key.

5- Choose fish that tend to accumulate less contaminants [5], [6].

6- Shop ONLY for fish that appear on BOTH sustainability AND low contaminant lists!  Vital Choice Seafood [9] strives to offer seafood that meets both requirements.

7- Choose a molecularly distilled fish oil that has been IFOS certified [8].











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