Turmeric how-to’s


Turmeric is one of my favorite herbs.  While I have great respect for Dr. Weil, I cannot understand the ‘Turmeric Tea’ for which he frequently touts the health benefits.  Turmeric is a fat soluble herb.  I recommend taking it together with a meal containing fat, and/ or with black pepper.  Meriva is a supplement that combines turmeric with a phospholipid, making it much easier for the body to absorb.  Avoid exposing turmeric to heat and light.  When adding to a meal, stir in only after it’s been removed from heat. One ideal way to get your turmeric is in a salad dressing which:  contains fat, oftentimes pepper too, is not exposed to heat, and can be combined with other ingredients to minimize the earthy flavor of this herb.

For a more detailed article about the benefits of turmeric, click here.

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