How to extend the shelf-life of Homemade Milk Alternatives


**NOTE:  I now recommend substituting with a more bee-friendly nut-milk such as coconut milk or cashew.

Most store-bought almond milk contains thickeners like xanthan, guar, and locust bean gums, all of which have been linked to digestive disturbances.  I had tried making it myself before, with out-of-this-world LUSCIOUS results.   But I couldn’t drink it up quickly enough to prevent spoilage.

One of my favorite recipes for homemade almond milk is from Oh She Glows.

After you’ve made the milk, refrigerate an amount you think you can use up within 2-3 days, pouring the rest into ice cube trays and freezing to extend shelf life.  Play around with different flavors, add coconut cream, and use wooden sticks to turn some of the cubes into ice pops and others into coffee creamer with built-in ‘stir sticks’!  Just pour the milk about 3/4 full into each of the wells.  If you’re making ice pops… to keep the sticks upright, cover tray with an aluminum foil sheet (or parchment paper), wrapping or rubber-banding securely around the edges.  Then pop a stick into the center of each well.

Freeze and enjoy as is, or remove from freezer to thaw before enjoying!

Leftover almond meal can be re-used immediately to make 1-2 more batches of milk, or use it to add fiber to your morning yogurt, homemade muffins, breads, and pancakes.

2 thoughts on “How to extend the shelf-life of Homemade Milk Alternatives

  1. One thing most people don’t consider: if your almond milk has soured, it’s almond buttermilk and can be used in place of cow buttermilk pretty easily. I use almost as much buttermilk in my weekly cooking as regular milk so it’s been an awesome by-product. I’ve even used the almond buttermilk as a culture for sourdough starters and ferments. I always soak my almonds in the fridge overnight so I get the better part of a week out of it and I use only filtered water, organic almonds, and honey from myMennonite farm co-op.

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