Chicken Feet Broth… Did You Know?



My dad’s favorite, chicken feet broth, has been making the news lately.   And with Harvard studies attesting to its very real benefits… it’s certainly earned itself a top spot!

Tip: Try adding fresh garlic to the recipe above for an additional boost of sulfur!

If you can’t stand the thought of eating this gelatinous ‘soup’, you can also try it in pill form– Unhydrolyzed Chicken Collagen (also referred to as UCII).

What’s it good for:

-Rheumatoid Arthritis


-Connective tissue health/ youthful skin, bones, joints




Sulfur-containing foods and supplements help to calm inflammation.   And yes, they even aid with detoxification!  The ‘mother’ of all antioxidants is glutathione. Without sulfur, your body could not produce this very important antioxidant; leaving it vulnerable to a wide array of germs, viruses, and environmental toxins. It’s no accident that across many cultures, chicken soup has long been recommended to help ‘kick a cold’!  If making the broth, be sure to source from organic, pasture-raised sources.  Your local farmer’s market is a good bet!

If you absolutely cannot stand the thought of an animal-based food or supplement.  Here are some sulfur-rich foods and supplements to consider:

-Eggs, cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, bok choy, cauliflower, garlic, onion.  If it stinks, it’s probably rich in sulfur!

-MSM capsules by NOW Foods, Deva.  MSM is very safe in high doses, but may cause intestinal and skin discomfort at levels above 6g.  This is likely due to its detoxifying effect.

-Pure Encapsulations Glucosamine MSM capsules

-Vitamin C rich foods like colorful berries and citrus fruits.  Without sufficient amounts of this important vitamin, collagen cannot be produced.  As a supplement, try 2-3g a day in divided doses on an empty stomach as tolerated.  If it causes stomach discomfort, try taking with a small amount of food.





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