Oxygen: Life’s Most Important ‘Nutrient’

Written by Vivian Kanchian- Holistic Nutrition Expert- for https://20fourcarrots.wordpress.com/


Special thanks to Paul Pitchford (Author of ‘Healing with Whole Foods’) for his kind collaboration.

Oxygen: Life’s Most Important ‘Nutrient’

 Humans can survive a few weeks without food, a few days without water, but can only go a few minutes without oxygen before it’s all over.

Oxygen makes up over 90% of our body’s water weight, and well over half of our total body weight is from water. It should come as no surprise then, that oxygen is absolutely essential to life. Some of the important ways our bodies use oxygen include:

  • Metabolizer– Burning the food we’ve eaten to make energy. (Without it, we couldn’t move)
  • Carrier– To form red blood cells. (Without enough of it, we could become anemic)
  • Precursor- Oxygen is needed to use Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a major antioxidant and is one of the ingredients the body needs to make collagen which keeps our joints lubricated and our skin glowing. (Without enough of it, the aging process would be accelerated)
  • Purifier- oxygen destroys germs, viruses, amoebas, parasites, fungi, and yeasts. It also helps break up and move any stagnant accumulations (edema, mucus, cysts, tumors, arterial plaque). (Without it, our immune systems would become susceptible to constant invasion)
  • Disruptor- Oxygen helps keep things flowing/ prevents stagnation. Oxygen-rich blood, when driven to the body’s many organs helps maintaining their vitality and functionality. Studies report that the oxygen flowing to the brain as a result of exercise helps to safeguard the brain from the memory-loss associated with Alzheimer’s and dementia [1].

Most everyone could benefit from upping their oxygen supply using some or all of these natural methods:

-Regular physical activity/ exercise (30+ minutes of moderate exercise per day almost every day).

-Meditation/ yogic breathing.

-Eating less and/ or fasting.

-Eating a mostly plant-based diet (esp. garlic, ginseng, unrefined aloe juice, chlorella, barley).

-Turkey tail, reishi, shiitake, champignon mushrooms.

Occasionally, more serious conditions (AIDS, cancer, arthritic diseases, candidiasis, mononucleosis, herpes, hepatitis, and nervous system disorders) call for an extra oxygen boost. In these instances, one of the following hyper-oxygenation therapies may be considered (under proper medical supervision):

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) * – 3% Food grade hydrogen peroxide (FGHP) has proven effective in cases of :

-Severe candidiasis and associated allergies.

-Vaginal yeast infections (blend 3% FGHP and water in a 1:2 ratio to make a retention douche; douche for 5 minutes once weekly).

-Acne, ringworm, fungal infections: dab 3% HP on a cotton ball and apply to affected area (avoid eyes).

-Athlete’s foot (blend 3% FGHP and water in a 1:2 ratio; soak feet once every evening).

-Spray a few drops of 3% FGHP on toothbrush, then dip in baking soda to make a homemade toothpaste that kills oral bacteria, strengthens gums, and whitens teeth.

-Topically apply an HP-containing aloe vera gel to an infected or injured area.

* Note: HP is contra-indicated in anyone taking immuno-suppressants

Ozone (O3):

Ozone gas has a long history of use in the United States. Initially discovered in 1840, it was used for the first time in 1856 to disinfect hospital rooms and surgical equipment. Later, it was used in Europe to disinfect drinking water of bacteria and viruses. In 1892, The Lancet (UK medical journal) published an article about ozone therapy for tuberculosis. And during WWI, ozone was a cheap, effective, and easy-to-use method of disinfecting wounds. The American Journal of Surgery published an article in 1947 showing UV blood irradiation’s (ozone’s sister therapy) near 100% cure rate for early to moderately advanced cases of pyogenic infections in 450 hospital patients. Currently, ozone therapy is available in certain states. To find a practitioner near you, click here.

Currently, ozone is administered in the following ways:

  • Major autohemotherapy (MAH)- 6-12oz. of blood is taken from a patient, infused with ozone gas, and re-injected back into the patient. Studies have shown this form of ozone therapy to be useful in these conditions:

-dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD)

-hepatitis C

-shingles [9]

  • Prolozone (PZ), a therapy that combines a homeopathic blend of anti-inflammatory agents together with a highly active form of oxygen (O3/ ozone) has been used for decades in Germany to help safely and effectively restore mobility and heal and regenerate joints, tissues, ligaments, and tendons.
  • Blown into the rectum or bladder in gas form.
  • Applied topically in an olive oil or aloe vera base.

Some conditions that respond favorably to PZ include [8]:

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 4.15.05 PM

Scientific research:

-The FDA currently recognizes ozone (in gas form) application as an antimicrobial agent in food processing and agricultural production, and to purify bottled water.

-A 2015 study involving 32 rats showed that pre-treatment with ozone helped to increase blood circulation to tissues by boosting antioxidants and nitric oxide (NO) levels in the kidneys. [2]

-Ozonated water has proven an effective antimicrobial for use in root canal procedures. [3]

-Dissolved ozone has been shown to decrease (and with triple treatment, to fully eliminate) the resistance of antibiotic resistant strains of mycobacterium in vitro. [4]

-Administration of IV ozone in 35 women showed an immunomodulatory effect [5] by decreasing antibodies.

-Ozone in specific doses has been shown to selectively inhibit the growth of human cancer cells [10].

-Ozone therapy showed a significant reduction in Hepatitis C associated symptoms, normalizing ALT and AST liver enzymes associated with Hep C infection, and a disappearance of HCV RNA virus in 25-45% of patients. [6]
-While formal studies do not yet exist on ozone’s ability to kill Ebola virus, this website [7] contains a long list of evidence-based studies that point to its robust anti-viral capacities, which certainly make it worthy of further investigation. I recently spoke with a local Naturopathic Doctor who visited Sierra Leone, and claims to have successfully treated patients infected with Ebola.

All written contents are copyright 2015 by Vivian Kanchian, Holistic Nutrition Expert.



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