Broccoli “shot”

Anytime I’m making steamed broccoli, I make a broccoli “shot” for my honey to sip on until it’s time to eat!

Steaming vegetables for a short amount of time, in a very small amount of water (about 1″) is the best way to preserve nutrients, while breaking down cell walls that make them more digestible. Still, you may have noticed that your water takes on some of the color from your veggies with steaming, and that water contains precious vital nutrients that you don’t want to toss out!

What to do?

Pour into a small ceremonial Japanese tea cup, add half a capful of apple cider vinegar and a pinch of sea salt, and voila – say cheers to your good health!


(You can substitute with cauliflower, brussels sprouts, or a cruciferous vegetable of your choice!)

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