Homemade matcha latte

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I never fancied myself much of a matcha drinker. I didn’t love the chalky texture, and found it bitter in a way I didn’t enjoy.

Then, I discovered Shuhari Matcha Cafe and MatchaBar in Silverlake. I will always try something healthy more than once hoping to develop a liking for it (though I’ve given up trying with kombucha), so I strolled in and ordered up a latte over ice – and just like that, a new addiction was born!

Matcha Latte in a blender:


1.5 cups of milk (your choice – I love almond)

1 tsp matcha powder (shop around for a ceremonial-grade organic brand)

coconut sugar to taste (or black sugar, if you can find it)


Heat milk to just under boiling (skip this step if you prefer it cold – I do!)

Pour milk into blender

Add Matcha powder to blender

Blend at lowest setting for 15 seconds until smooth and frothy

Health benefits of matcha:

-in animal studies, it shows a protective effect on damaged liver and kidney cells resulting from Type 2 diabetes by decreasing glucose, triglyceride, and total cholesterol levels, and through its antioxidant activities.

-in a literature review of various studies on green tea, among which matcha is a standout with its higher levels of active ingredients, the following benefits were observed:

  • aids in weight loss
  • boosts immune health
  • anti-inflammatory properties help improve symptoms of arthritis (both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis)
  • has the potential to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s
  • has shown neuroprotective qualities that may be helpful in Parkinson’s
  • L-theanine (higher levels are found in black tea) helps us adapt better to stress, elevates mood
  • has been shown to prevent cavities, strengthen gums, and freshen breath
 Find out where your matcha comes from:
  • Visit the website of the company selling your matcha. The best matcha shops will post their quality standards and a certification of radiation testing results. You can also inquire as to what region it was grown, and look it up on a map to see how far it is from Fukushima.
  • If you are interested in digging through the most current data on radiation in Japan, Japan’s Ministry of Health continues to post updates weekly and monthly with testing results for levels of radioactive contaminants in tea.
  • Here’s an interactive map of radiation in Japan by region (this map is from April 2011, 1 month after the nuclear accident).

Click here to learn even more about green tea!

[All written contents are copyright 2017 by Vivian Kanchian], Holistic Nutrition Expert.


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