After a lengthy and rewarding career in the world of photography, I switched gears to practicing nutrition — my passion!  Though I spent just over three years pursuing my official degree, I’ve been a lifelong student of the topic!  As a kid, my dad would always read up on the latest health news, then “experiment” on our family.  Some of these experiments were decidedly more fun (bee pollen) than others (cod liver oil).

To this day, one of his favorite (true) stories is how he cured his arthritic knee by eating chicken feet.  The story goes that his doctor had told him that surgery was his only option, and that it would leave one leg slightly shorter than the other, requiring that he use a cane to get around.  First, he got angry, then he took the matter into his own hands.

It is my dad’s early influence and independent that spirit sparked my fascination with the idea that food can be used as medicine.

The 20FourCarrots mission includes:

-Did You Know?  The latest in Nutritional Science news delivered in bite-sized pieces.  If you didn’t know before… you will now!

-Eat Smart –Delicious recipes blending Functional Food ingredients that work synergistically to enhance health.

-Research articles drawing on peer-reviewed journal articles, with a respectful nod to traditional folk medicine.  I consider the potential benefits of foods, supplements, and herbs even when the broad scientific studies are lacking sometimes.  I firmly believe that if there is a long history of its use for medicinal purposes, and a mechanism of action that makes good sense… then it’s worth exploring!

-Two-Minute Challenge:  With everyone so busy these days, crucial game-changing events oftentimes pass us by.  Many would like to make a difference, but don’t know how or where to begin.  If you’re passionate about the environment, food quality and transparency, start your day off by voicing your opinion on one or more of 20FourCarrots’ hand-picked petitions. And voila– in just two minutes, you’ve made a ‘ripple’ that can become a wave of change!


As a nutritionist for the mind, body and soul, my mission is to blend  science, folk medicine, and a *sprinkle* of intuition to bring you the very best in health-related news possible!

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